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Getting Around

Getting Around

For students or young professionals living in apartments or lofts on Pittsburgh’s South Side, getting where you want to go is easy, and parking choices are plentiful. Just check out these convenient options:

From South Side and Beyond with Pittsburgh Public Transportation

Pittsburgh’s public transit system – the PATbus – has many regularly running routes through the city’s South Side. Just a few of the routes include:

The following bus routes currently serve the South Side:

  • 43 Bailey. It runs from the Smithfield Street Bridge down at Station Square to Warrington/Beltzhoover, to Boggs, to the South Hills Junction and then around to Downtown.’
  • 44 Knoxville. This route goes through the South Side to Mt. Oliver, Knoxville, and Beltzhoover.
  • 48 Arlington. This bus route goes from South Hills Junction, Warrington and Arlington avenues, down Josephine and South 26th streets, through the SouthSide Works to East Carson Street, Station Square, and then Downtown Pittsburgh.
  • 51 Carrick. This route goes from downtown Pittsburgh, to Station Square and the South Side, up Mount Oliver to Carrick and Brentwood.
  • 54C/D North Side-Oakland-South Side. Need to get to Oakland fast? This route goes from Oakland to the South Side, then on to the Strip District, North Side, Bon Air, and back to Mt. Oliver.
  • 75 Ellsworth. Oakland and Shadyside are just a bus ride away with this route. It goes from East Liberty, Dahlem Place, and East Liberty Station, down Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside to Oakland and looping at the SouthSide Works.
  • 81 Oak Hill. Another Oakland/Southside option. It starts in Oakland, goes through the Hill District, down to the South Side and concludes at Crawford Square.
  • 83 Webster. This route travels the Hill District, South Side, Crawford Square, and Herron Hill.

Taxis to Take You There

There are a number of Pittsburgh cab companies available to take you wherever you need to go. In some cases, you can even schedule your cab online.

  • Checker Cab: (412) 381-5600
  • Cruiser Cabs: (412) 665-8100
  • Eagle Cab Company: (412) 765-1555
  • People’s Cab Company: (412) 441-3200
  • Super Shuttle Airport Service: (800) BLUE VAN/(800) 258-3826 or reserve your spot on the shuttle online here.
  • Yellow Cab Company: (412) 321-8100 or reserve a cab online here.
  • Green Gears PediCab. Emissions-free transportation. (412) 343-PEDI (7334)
  • The Pear Cares Transportation Company: Pittsburgh designated driver service.  (412) 324-8000

Pittsburgh Biking Adventures

With Pittsburgh’s biking trails — including a trail that runs straight through the South Side — biking becomes a smart, inexpensive and eco-friendly way to get from a South Side apartment or loft to your destination. Check out the prime biking routes, cycling events, and even a bike-to-work guide here at Bike Pittsburgh.

Southside Zipcars Offer Wheels When You Want Them

Zipcars are an alternative between car rental and car ownership. This innovative car sharing option is found on Pittsburgh’s South Side in three different locations:

  • 20th Street/Sidney Lot: one vehicle
  • 23rd Street/East Carson St.: one vehicle
  • Bluff St. Lot between Towers and St Martin Hall: one vehicle

Parking Your Car on the South Side

Are you a young professional or student who owns your own car? While Pittsburgh’s South Side does offer plenty of on-street parking, the South Side also offers five off-street parking lots to the public. These monitored lots are enforced round-the-clock each day at the following locations:

  • At the corner of South 18th and East Carson Streets
  • At the corner of South 18th and Sidney Streets
  • On East Carson Street between 12th and 13th Streets
  • On East Carson Street between 19th and 20th Streets
  • At the 20th and Sidney Street Parking Plaza

There are also four public parking garages at the Southside Works, one of the South Side’s shopping, eating and entertainment attractions. Each garage is named for one element of the South Side’s mill town history:

  • Ladle Parking, located at Sidney and 26th Streets
  • Furnace Parking, located on 28th Street between East Carson and Sidney Street
  • Hot Metal Parking, located at Sidney and 28th Streets
  • Ingot Parking, between Sidney Street and Tunnel Boulevard

For those who prefer on-street parking, metered street spots are free after 10 p.m. and all day Sundays.

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